Brothers of Steel – chivalric competition project

“Brothers of Steel” is an unique chivalric sport competition project on a nation-wide scale started by the two leading fighters in Poland – Robert and Krzysztof Szatecki. The plan is to promote chivalric ideas together with contemporary sport competition and to popularize contemporary chivalric competitions in Poland and abroad. A developed, bilingual blog is run as a part of the project. The blog contains materials helping the interested to enter into the world of chivalric competition.

Steel Arena and Professional Chivalric Fights Competition

Professional Chivalric Fights are the most prestigious contemporary tournament competition. The fighters struggle in a three day fight. The event is supported with a resounding audio-visual spectacle. The contest has a form of a special gala. Every gala consists of couple of previously established fights in various weight classes depending on given state’s regulations. Professional Chivalric Fights are a quintessence of contemporary chivalric rivalry. This is the competition we prepare for the entire year committing ourselves daily to an exhausting training. Watch our promo video “Brothers of Steel” and get to know our world.

Full-contact Chivalric Fight

Since 2009 we take part in every most prestigious chivalric competition of a full-contact type. As a buhurt group – Cannabis Dei – we won the Championship of Poland in the 5vs5 competition. We fought as the national team of Poland in the international arena and the “Battle of the Nations” World Championships on Chivalric Fights. Every time we entered the battlefield waving a white-red banner. In the year 2013, Krzysztof won the bronze medal during World Championships in France. He was the only Pole awarded a bronze medal. A year later, he was awarded a 4th and 5th place. He lost only to the competitors who come from the cradle-state of the contemporary chivalric fights – the Russians.

Professional shows and company events

As part of the project, we take part in and organize professional chivalric shows. If you are interested in enriching your company event or promotional event with the best, realistic fights with use of medieval armors, we encourage you to contact us. We encourage you also to organize private galas of Steel Arena. We guarantee you that the show, which combines tough masculine rivalry with honor and chivalric ethos, will remain in the memory of your clients and employees for a long time and will be associated positively with your brand.

Robert Szatecki

3 times vice-champion of Poland in 1vs1 duels.

School of Gladiators

The only fully professional knight school in Warsaw. 8 training groups, different level. Join us today!

Steel Arena

Experience an extraordinary spectacle which combines three-round spectacular chivalric duels, jumpy music, herald’s stories and fire show.

Krzysztof Szatecki

World Champion in 5vs5 category and bronze medalist of individual fights at World Championships.

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