Project Description

Brothers of Steel – Brothers of Steel

“Brothers of Steel” is an unique chivalric sport competition project on a nation-wide scale. The idea of a project came at the end of the tournament season of 2013. It was a time densely packed with tournaments. Upon Krzysztof’s spring return to Poland we could once again fight together. At the end of the mentioned season a surprising news came from behind the eastern boarder which inspired us to start off the project. Robert, as the first Polish fighter, was invited to the world’s most prestigious Russian league of professional chivalric fights “Knight Valor”. We have not taken part in the tournament because the costs of the trip were too large to cover on our own and we also lacked a sponsor. However, we did not give up and decided to put out effort into popularizing this type of fights in Poland so that no such problems would occur in the future.

The part of the project, apart from the continuous mastering of sword fighting, is also running a bilingual Facebook fan page where we publish the following:

  • Posts about our technical preparation, and stamina and strength workouts for Profboj gala and other chivalric competitions
  • News on our official participation in international fights
  • Training plans and tips
  • Coverage and our private stories of chivalric competitions
  • Tips for buying your gear and preparing for full-contact chivalric fights
  • The newest rules of chivalric competitions
  • More information on professional fighting and chivalric fight movement

We receive a positive feedback of our channel and project from people who have spent years in the chivalric movement and also by those from the outside the circle which makes us believe that we have something special to offer. If you are not yet convinced to our project, see it for yourself, how Brothers fought against their opponents during two editions of the biggest professional chivalric fight gala in Poland organized on the shores of the Wisla Bay in the city of Suchacz.

YEAR 2013

Robert Szatecki vs Evgeny Bedenko

Walką wieczoru Gali Profesjonalnych Walk Rycerskich w Suchaczu 2013 był pojedynek w kategorii do 80 kg pomiędzy Robertem Szateckim a bardzo utytułowanym i niezwykle doświadczonym kapitanem jednej z najmocniejszych drużyn w Rosji – Evgeny Bedenko. Walka trwała pełne trzy zakontraktowane rundy i zakończyła się ciężko wywalczonym zwycięstwem Roberta. Kluczowa dla zwycięstwa okazała się przyjęta taktyka polegająca na użyciu przez całą walkę większej od przeciwnika tarczy, skupienie się na obronie i sukcesywne wyprowadzanie długich sekwencji ciosów.

Krzysztof Szatecki vs Artem Savanovich

In the heaviest class (+100 kg), Krzysztof Szatecki fought against the backbone of the 5vs5 team from Kaliningrad: Savanovich Artem. The fight lasted for two complete rounds, and when it seemed that the winner will be the one with the majority of points, at the end of the third round Krzysztof cuts Artem’s head after a series of hard edgy blows. The opponent was too exhausted to fight and blood coming into his eyes was hindering his sight, which made the fight impossible to complete. Hence, Krzysztof won for the third time before the time was up.

YEAR 2012

Robert Szatecki vs Maximilian “Hartman” Emelineko

Once again the fight of the night in Suchacz was Robert’s duel. This time Robert fought against the best fighter and the leader of the Baltic countries taking part in the “Battle of the Nations.” Robert chose a heavy cleaver with a sharp peak able to penetrate the armor and a small, oblong, bohort-type shield. Experts in chivalric duels could have already tell that Robert will attempt to finish the fight before the time is up. Although Maximillian showed the fortitude, the arbiter had to stop the fight when the 2nd round was coming to an end due to Emelineko’s knee injury. Robert won the fight.

Krzysztof Szatecki vs Łukasz Wojciechowski

The second fight of the gala was the duel between Krzysztof and the heaviest contestant of the buhurt team Fabryka Świń (eng “Swine Factory” – translator’s note). Although Łukasz was a talented fighter, his struggle ended during the 1st round. Krzysztof performed a hip toss on the opponent which resulted in Łukasz’s injury.

„Knight Valor” – Profboj

We are encouraging you to watch the promos of the above mentioned Russian league: Profboj World Medieval Fighting Championship „Knight Valor”. We are still preparing ourselves to represent Poland and achieve victory when another invitation comes. Keep your fingers crossed.