Project Description


The younger brother. He works out at the gym using various advanced training techniques for years. He practiced judo for 3 years. Beginning with 2010, he was a backbone of the invincible Cannabis Dei team.

Born – 19/12/1988
Height – 195 cm
Weight – 102 kg
Weight Class – Heavyweight
Team – Dies Irae (eng “Day of Fury”)

Statistics PWR
Win: 6 (4 times KO)
Loss: 0
Statistics MFL “Steel Arena”: 6

He was invited to the first team representing Poland in 5vs5 fights due to his great wrestling skills, fortitude and strength. In 2013 he proved that he is a skilled contestant not only in group fights but also a champion in 1vs1 category. During the Battle of the Nations in Aigues-Mortes, France he won 3rd place which makes him the only Pole who stood on the podium.

During his training preceding the Profboj competitions he focuses on developing a deadly strength and enormous stamina which would enable him to finish the fight before the time is up.