Project Description


The older brother. He is practicing karate for years (1 Kyo Karate, 4 Kyo Kobudo). Next, he took up boxing. In the chivalric movement he concentrates mainly on 1vs1 duels.

Born – 13/06/1986
Height – 178 cm
Weight – 80 kg
Weight Class – Middleweight
Team – Dies Irae (eng “Day of Fury”)

Statistics PWR:
Win: 7 (2 times KO)
Loss: 1
MFL Statistics “Steel Arena”: 5

Three times a vice-champion of Poland in 1vs1 duels. Three times a champion of Poland along with the team “Cannabis Dei” in 5vs5 battles. He was chosen three times to represent Poland in the category of 1vs1 duels. Co-organizer of a great number of chivalric competitions including the international Professional Chivalric Fights galas. Andrzej Kościuk from Chivalric Burg in Byczyno is his main sponsor.

During the trainings preceding the Profboj competitions he focuses on speed, finesse and fencing preparation along with great endurance.