Project Description

Steel Arena – Contemporary Gladiator Fights

Experience an extraordinary spectacle which combines three-round spectacular chivalric duels, jumpy music, herald’s stories and fire show. Experience the atmosphere of the unique discipline, forget about the reality and let yourself be sucked into the past times of knights and castles where strength, pride and honor were the primary values. We guarantee you that you will not forget this spectacle and after the first gala you will join us for good, you will be cheering on your favorite contestants who fight to be awarded with the title of the Steel Warrior.” – sneak peek on the website of the Steel Arena.

Steel Arena is a league of full-contact, individual duels. Three galas are organized as a part of Steel Arena league in the 2014/2015 season: first in Ciechanów castle, second on the beaches of Suchacz and third in burgh of Byczyna.

Characteristics of the Steel Arena:

  • the most demanding rules of professional chivalric fights in Poland
  • world titles in two weigh classes which can be won by anybody determined and skilled enough
  • well prepared audio-visual spectacle which creates an unique show.

Mobility within the League – from practitioner to the champion

Fights are held in two weight classes – up to 85 kg and 85 kg and more. In each weight class contestants are separated into three houses: Steel House, Iron House and Bronze House and also the Assembly of Practitioners. All contestants who wish to take part in galas start as practitioners who need to win one fight within the Assembly contest. The first successful duel is not scored in the ranking (also the possible failures) but it enables the fighter to take part in galas as a Warrior of Bronze. After the two successful duels, the winner is promoted to the Iron House where, after two successful duels, he can fight against the Master of the Steel House. Great fencing skills, fortitude and determination may help you win the champion’s title.

Champions of the League

Both brothers had some good fortune in professional chivalric fights and so they become first champions of the Steel House in their weight classes: Robert Szatecki up to 85 kg, Krzysztof Szatecki 85 kg and more.