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Facebook does not provide the access to older posts and many individuals, especially those who joined us later find it hard to explore certain posts, we decided, therefore, to provide you with the index of all our posts. In order to make browsing easier we have prepared couple of thematic categories and linked the posts to them. We are systematically adding news posts to the index to keep you updated.


Table of Contents:

Our Fights
Weapon and Armor Tutorials
Training Tutorials



About Project
Krzysztof Szatecki
Robert Szatecki
Krzysztof Szatecki was selected as a captain of Poland 1
Brothers of Steel goes international!
First training at “Schola Gladiatorum
Brothers in WMFC
Project new logo
Robert Szatecki – Preparations for tournaments in 2014
Krzysztof Szatecki – Preparations for tournaments in 2014
First “Brothers Of Steel” Promo
New Roberts Gambeson
New Robert’s Cote de Arme
Web page
Support the project by
“Gods of War” – Song for entrance to profboj field
Brothers Interview for PLWR
Recording for National Geographic
Communication channels
“Poland Got Talent”
Nearest Plans”
Index of all articles

Our Fights

Training Camp in Łódź
Knight seminar in Ciechanów
Knight show on Offroad Show
Second elimination tournament to National Team 2015
Report from the WMFC in Moscow
First elimination tournament to National Team 2015
Brothers at the Piaseczno Fair
Fight results of Steel Arena in Ciechanów
Profboj Fight Show in Malbork
Krzysztof Szatecki – video from Bohut fights
Grunwald Fest 2014
Wednesday at Grunwald
Victory in Nidzica Castle
The first tournament for the crown of Henry Probus
Our success at the Battle of the Nations
The Brothers on their way to Championship
Knight show in Taczew, close to Radom
Games of Fire and Steel 2014
The tournament in Opole
Lithuanian Grunwald Academy of Sword seminar
Krzysztof – the best fighter of the Final Tournament in Warsaw
Participation in the making of the Dark Soul II trailer
Report from the tournament in Jaworzno
The results of the fourth PLWR tournament
The results of tournament in Gdynia
Short interview before the tournament in Gdynia


Brigantine from Armoris workshop
Two year of Mardinus forarm protections – Review
Gleive from Lublin
Hanwei sword review

Weapon and Armor Tutorials:


How to choose a helmet – part 2
Tutorial – Armor finishing part 2
How to choose a helmet – part 1
How to made nice under armor belt
Tutorial – Armor finishing part 1
Painting our shields
Tutorial – Helmet finishing
Tapes in modern medieval combat sport
How to make a buckler part 1
Armor cleaning
How to made a shield for HMB
Under shield hand protection

Training Tutorials:

Workouts with the punch shields
Knight’s medikit
Soft weapon training part 2
Introduction to the world of the knight combat sports
New Youtube series “Workouts with the Brothers of Steel”
Short introduction to training posts
Soft weapon training
Fundaments of knight fighting part 1
Fundaments of knight fighting part 2
Meal planning part 1
Meal planning part 2


News – MMA and Knights Fighting part 2
Training for people who supported the Polish National Team
News – MMA and Knights Fighting
Steel Arena in Ciechanów
Promotial video of tournament in Ciechanów
News – The place for the second edition of the IMCF was chosen
News – Possible changes in Polish National Team
The launch of site
Promotional video of the Polish National Knight Fighting Team
“Brother, Walk With Me” – film from BN 2013
New formula of Polish Profight – MFL “Steel Arena”
Grunwald Academy of Sword
WMFC: Israeli Challenge
Happy new year
Battle of the Nation 2014 will take place in Croatia
Polish Professional Fight Rules
Polish National Team Promo