Our Partners

We would like to express our gratitude to our partners who believed in our project and support it all the time. Those are:


Chivalric Burgh in Byczyna is one of the most famous places in Poland where chivalric fights take place. World Championships in Individual Chivalric Fights were held in Byczyno for two years. It is worth noticing that it was long before the “Battle of the Nations” was first organized. The Burgh is opened daily for visitors as a hotel facility, conference center, wedding reception house, concert hall and a place where a number of history-related events takes place.The Burgh is partly financing Robert’s participation in chivalric events and training equipment.


Medieval Market

Spec Medieval Market company is one of the biggest ventures in Poland producing and selling a variety of different items vital to reenact the medieval era, i.e. costumes, tents, furniture, accessories and, for us the most precious, great gambesons and armor.

A fairly new workshop founded by two brothers from Gorzów Wielkopolski, which after two years became one of the best provider of armor used in chivalric fights. Their brigandines and Asian-like cloth armors are unique on Polish market and surely worth noticing.


One of the most experienced armorer in Polish chivalric movement. He provides the best quality armor for dozens of fighters all over the world.

Husar company offers great quality swords used by the best contestants in Poland. We use the one-handed swords crafted by Mr. Sylwester ourselves.

Company based in Cracow which specializes in soft and hard training armament. Worth noticing are extremely durable polyimide substitute for a sword used for practicing.

Providers and producers of everything useful in chivalric fights and historical reenactments. Their stall can be seen at every major event in Poland.

If you would like to support our project, feel free to contact us: kontakt@brothersofsteel.pl Thank you!