1. What are your feelings about this tournament?

 R. Previous tournament was very difficult for our team, fortunately from fight to fight we fought better and better and finally we lost only by the skin of one’s teeth. This situation mobilized members of our team for training and improving equipment.

K. I’m content with my attitude at the previous tournament, so I am optimist about upcoming tournament. Also the change in the attitude of my team gives us big hope for better tomorrow. I think that Cannabis Dei is back on track again.


2. What were your preparations for tournament in Gdynia?

R. After our last tournament we started our Bohurt trainings in Warsaw again. Despite low attendance I had great possibility to practice using two-handed weapons. Moreover yesterday during recording program for National Geographic we had opportunity to fight more and to check our equipment improvements.


K. Despite added a bohurt training to my standard training plan I didn’t change nothing else, as my standard trainings are enough to make me stronger and fitter every month.


3. Have you done some equipment changes?

R. For the tournament in Gdynia I prepared a new helmet modeled on the Russian helmets with visor and grille. Unfortunately, during yesterday training I realized that it requires a few changes before I can start using it safely. As the result I will have to fight in my old helmet. Despite helmet I also prepared new glaive I think that now it shouldn’t break as it did in Zduńska Wola.


K. The only change that I made in my armor was fixing all the damaged leather straps. This is very important before the bohurt tournament, where each loss of a part of armor won’t allowe me to continue fighting and can completely change the result of whole fight.


4. What are your expectations for the results?

R. I think that during this tournament we have very strong team and I can ensure you that main five fighters are better prepared than they were in Zduńska Wola. On the other hand, I suppose that the ŁAN team may have some problems with the fighters, probably one of the most important fighters – Artur – will not reach and I expect that also some others ŁAN fighters from south of Poland won’t come . However, we can’t underestimate them, especially that if they win this tournament they will probably win the whole league. Because this is the only tournament in the northern Poland we should watch out for Fabryka Świń .As they are from this region they will probably have very strong team. Moreover they will be rested because they won’t have to travel like other teams. Besides, we cannot forget about the team of Kaliningrad. They can completely change the tournament result and I won’t be surprised if they will fight in the final.


K. I agree with the predictions of Robert . We’re going to win, but we cannot underestimate anyone. We invite everyone to watch our fight and wish us good luck.


Actual 5vs5 ranking

  1. KS Rycerz Sieradz I -19 pkt
  2. Cannabis Dei – 17 pkt
  3. KS Rycerz Sieradz II – 13 pkt
  4. RKS Silesia I / Excalibur- 10 pkt
  5. Sierotki – 9 pkt
  6. RKS Silesia II – 6 pkt
  7. Reprezentacja Warmii i Mazur (WiM) – 5 pkt.
  8. Fabryka Świń – 3 pkt
  9. Von Massow – 3 pkt
  10. Pomezanka – 2 pkt
  11. WAM – 2pkt
  12. BHP 1 pkt