Though it might seem that just yesterday we wrote last year’s report from the Battle of the Nations, already we are done with this years championships. Although before the next HMB championships, during the May weekend will be held the second IMCF championships. We did not take part in the previous year, though this year we decided not to skip them.


The last year IMCF championships were a huge media success – the organizers managed to interest the world’s biggest TV networks in Medieval Combat, besides that they succeeded in gathering practically all of the current western national teams in one place, including the dynamically expanding team from the USA. From participant tales we know, that it did not come without certain problems, nevertheless the organizers took all comments into account, so that this years champions were even better. Therefore, what can we expand this year?


Certainly an incredible thrill, because 18 national teams will be fighting in a row of disciplines (such as 1vs1 Sword and Shield, 1vs1 Longsword, 1vs1 Polearm, 5vs5, 10vs10, 16vs16). Besides that, a sensational atmosphere potentiated by the shadow of the largest medieval brick castle in Europe and fueled by the cheering of tens of thousands spectators. We have to admit, that the choice of Malbork as the place to hold the championships is a hit, due to the castle being visited on the May weekend by more than 5000 visitors even without such an event. We are sure that the majority of tourists will be tempted to dive into our struggles even for a moment. It is worth mentioning about the very reasonable and adjusted prices to the polish reality.


That is all about the event itself, what about our national team though? It is certain, that the Polish national team this year seems to be the strongest since years, the team contending in the most prestigious group discipline – the 5 versus 5 – being led by Krzysztof consists of superbly prepared participants and presents itself as follows:


  • Captain: Krzysztof Szatecki (Dies Irea)
  • Mateusz Lis (Fabryka Świń)
  • Krzysztof Olczak (KS Rycerz Sieradz)
  • Artur Patalas (KS Rycerz Sieradz)
  • Tomek Solarski (Dies Irae)
  • Jakub Ładyński (Dies Irae)
  • Piotr Gębski (Rycerski Klub Sportowy Silesia)
  • Michał Bednarski (Sierotki)


On a side note, for the first time the average weight of our team is well beyond 100 kg (220 lbs) which is always an advantage in teamfights. In the duel disciplines Poland will be represented by:


Sword and Shield category: Marcin Waszkielis

Longsword category: Wiesław Kurek

Polearm category: Robert Szatecki


We will fill in the lists of participants in other disciplines when we will receive them. Keep your fingers crossed and cheer for us during the May weekend in Malbork!